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Flash Cosplay at Dragon*Con 2014



Flash group from the Superhero Costuming Forum’s DC Photo Shoot, photo by Patrick Sun. I love the variety of costumes in here, including the New 52 Barry Allen and Jay Garrick, and the Ame-Comi Jesse Quick.

Captain Cold and Golden Glider

Golden Glider and Captain Cold, photographed by Paul Cory.

And don’t miss Michael Blitch’s giant pannable/zoomable group photo of the Superhero Costuming Forum DC photo shoot!

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, and Being Carter Hall. Thanks to the Irredeemable Shag of Firestorm Fan for organizing us all!


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Digger Harkness in AOA


Alright gonna write this as a text post since the anon ask I answered was eaten ;w; *shakes fist at tumblr*

The question was what I think of Digger in AOA (his characterization etc.)

The short answer is:

The longer one:

Holy moly is that Captain Boomerang good. Oh yes. That is how I like my favorite Aussie rogue. You wanna know why? Well here it goes:

  • Both funny AND badass scenes, not just a punchline machine
  • He gets to advance the plot along with the other Squad members instead of squirreling around on the sidelines or just doing something that makes no sense (like in the older comics occasionally. They are good mostly but jfc)
  • Digger is human. As in he shows some goddamn emotions. Many heroes and villains are prone to the ‘pokerface’-syndrome as I call it. But not with this lovely dork. He gets startled, he stares in awe, he laughs, looks uncomfortable etc. I am so fucking sick of the bullshit stereotype of men not being supposed to show emotions. This man has emotions. I like. Also very in character since Digger never was good at the pokerface. lmao
  • His voice actor hnnngh. The voice fits him really, really well and the accent is good without being overdone. Bless. 10/10 would listen again. (in fact I did. A lot)
  • The characterization is spot on. This might be the most in-character animated Digger we will ever see. (unless they make any even better movie but I am not trying to be utopic) He’s a flirty douchebag. Stubborn as everliving hell and also a little coward. Not to mention a double-crossing jerk
  • Conclusion: Pls more of this Captain Boomerang. Pls more of him in general. Animated Flash movie? *prayer circle*


Regardless of how you feel about any of the Marvel and DC Comics TV shows currently on the air (or on the way), there’s no denying that they occasionally fall short in terms of casting mostly due to considerably lower budgets than movies like The Avengers or Batman v Superman! However, we’ve seen a lot of unexpected and interesting decisions made in that respect which have ended up delivering really fantastic performances that it’s hard to imagine even the biggest A-List star topping…who can beat Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke for example? Regardless, in a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, Arrow and The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg weighed in on why he’s excited for fans to see the villains (well, The Rogues) in the latter series…

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