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Some choice Guy and Ice moments from the (really pretty terrible) GUY GARDNER WARRIOR series. He looks weird because it was the 90s and it was a grim, dark, XXXXXXTREME time, but beneath that embarrassing facade there’s a hint of character and a complex romance.

I won’t lie, Guy and Ice are pretty much the tops of my superhero OTPs - it’s probably because they’re just so different from each other, but in spite of that, they truly do love each other and they do try (in their own ways) to make it work. I also think Guy is at his best when he’s with Ice.

Anyway, we have them here just after one of their splits and, later, after Ice’s death. And I’m still not really clear on how she died or when - I just know that she did come back …


"How was that? I hit the target (sort of).”

"… Again."


(( Serena training with Tora. Despite her mentor’s gentle nature, she made sure that SnowFlake could hit any target with her ice blasts ovo. Can’t risk the protégée getting knocked out just because she missed a crucial shot. Also, if you guessed history class, you were right. Doodling’s the only thing that keeps me sane.))

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