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There was an event called the Alliance Open House this weekend, and WizKids had a lot of Flash Heroclix reveals.  

Striped-costume Roscoe is confirmed.  Digger is in the set (we’d already seen Owen), in his Brightest Day/New 52 outfit.  Lisa is New 52 (I was pretty sure she would be, but the original announcement called her “Golden Glider” so there was confusion/hope that it might be her original incarnation.  She’s still called “Golden Glider” on the actual dial).  Tar Pit and Fallout are in the set.  There are two different yellow-suited Reverse Flashes shown in ads and promotional art, which likely points to both Eobard and Hunter.  There’s also a New 52 Reverse Flash as well.  And Max Mercury.  So continuing an odd mix of preboot and New 52 characters/incarnations, but I guess I’m just relieved they’re using any preboot stuff at all.

(If you missed some of the Heroclix figures revealed at SDCC, here they are.)


Tim v’s Captain Boomerang.

I quite like stuff like this, because we all know Boomerang ended up a washed up gun for hire and killed Tims Dad.

And like do you think Tim thinks back to times he faced off against him and has a moment like “If id have just killed him then…”

Not that Tim is inherently a killer, I mean he definately agrees with Batmans no killing rule and supports that philosophy…its just in the case of the man who killed his father I wonder if he doesnt kick himself a bit.

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